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Software development organizations embrace Agile processes to improve software delivery through greater levels of collaboration and flexibility. Integrating Agile practices and teams with existing, traditional processes can be challenging for both developers and managers. Visibility is often fragmented throughout the project lifecycle and across the enterprise. Distributed development increases the challenge, reducing confidence in release readiness. Rhythm provides delivery teams a complete solution to plan and track Agile projects, seamlessly integrating with other issue tracking, version control and requirements management tools.

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Easily manage your backlog

To succeed, Agile delivery teams need an accurate product backlog that truly represents the project scope and priorities. Product owners using Rhythm backlog tools can easily capture, organize and prioritize backlog items, even from disparate tools and sources.

Quickly scope and plan your sprints

A well-groomed backlog includes organized, estimated and prioritized user stories measured against the criteria required to establish the scope of the next sprint. Rhythm sprint planning tools make it easy to scope, plan and deliver the next iteration.

Effortless status updates

Daily standups establish a good understanding of the work completed, what is left to be done and highlights any issues blocking team progress. Use Rhythm Team Rooms to put this important information in a single view and provide a real-time status on any story and across any sprint.

Easily communicate release progress

Releases are created when business stakeholders are driven by a ‘limited scope’ deadline, or by a given set of features with a flexible deadline. With Rhythm, users access release tracking tools that offer an easy way to communicate current release status and progress.

Fits right into your process and tools

User stories in a product backlog may have dependencies with other items, such as bugs, requirements and support tickets. Rhythm traceability tools visually represent these dependencies, and track changes across the different assets and tools to clarify their impact on development progress.

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